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About Hunt Engineering Systems (HES)

An award-winning software company based out of Celebration, Florida, Hunt Engineering Systems (HES) strategically develops enterprise-grade databases for security and investigative use.

Hunt Engineering Systems (HES), an award-winning software company, was established in 1999 and is based out of Celebration, Florida. HES strategically develops enterprise-grade databases for security and investigative purposes. The software developed acts as a decision-making and safeguarding tool for an organization’s system, including user identification and password access, authentication, access rights and authority levels. HES has been engaged in the military security and public safety marketplace for many years.

These solutions are built for large scale enterprise systems used by organizations that may be spread over many different geographical locations. HES products serve as an intricate software application which serves as a front-end portal to disparate security and information systems for large enterprises. Their primary function is to issue and manage a diverse range of security credentials. They are typically used by customers in campus-like environments, including military bases, where the system must be accessible from many different buildings in many geographical locations.

HES is focused on information technology products and services that enhance physical security for facilities and organizations, as well as identity verification and background checks. Our engineers have also designed and built case management and intelligence processing systems to support large-scale criminal investigations and prosecutions. These provide for the storage, retrieval, and automatic distribution of investigative documents, crime reports, crime scene analysis, intelligence files, evidence collections, reports, criminal history analysis, and legal opinions. The systems also support intelligence fusion through real-time access to national and criminal databases such as NCIC.

In addition to software support, HES also provides consulting services with government-trained, anti-terrorism professionals. HES can review policies and procedures and make recommendations for changes to reduce the threat of intrusion by terrorists and others that would intentionally do harm.

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