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MAX.vms - Features

Automated Visitor Request

Automated Visitor Request The visitor request module is a feature that makes MAX unique. It allows security managers and other employees or officers to enter and manage visitor requests. These requests are always associated with a "unit", which can be a division, department, squadron, and/or any other logical unit related to the facility.

An authorized employee creates a request for a group of visitors attending a conference by filling out a record consisting of fields required for badge issuance. Each individual is assigned a unique identifier or ID number.  A driver's license number, passport number, or social security number can be used in its place. Other fields allow the employee to select a time allowed onto the facility, the location of event, its purpose and whether or not it's in a location of sensitive information/material. These fields, once filled out, can be used to track all visitors. An escort can be assigned to an individual or group.

Once a visitor request has been recorded and approved it will show up at the Badging Office in a matter of seconds. Additional names can be added at any time during the allotted time frame. Names can also be removed as long as the badge has not already been issued.