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Additional Technology

Additional peripherals can be added to the Security Portal to allow the system to integrate with many different scanners and software types.

  • Document Authenticators

    Document Authenticators prevent the use of forged identification cards. Authenticators use three different forms of light to determine the ID’s authenticity (This includes checking the expiration date on the ID). Ultra Violet...

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  • Handhelds

    HES uses a handheld unit that can either work as a real-time terminal using wireless technology, or an offline terminal that transfers data when docked. this system includes an optical scanner suitable for scanning most driver's licenses...

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  • License Plate Recognition Cameras

    MAX/DLS-3 can integrate with the automated license plate recognition camera. Employees, visitors and venders entering the facility's security checkpoint will pass through the cameras focal range. These cameras are able to operate and record...

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  • Undercarriage Scanners

    A vehicle drives over "dual view" scanners while the system scans and compiles two 3D high resolution images of a vehicle's undercarriage to create a "fingerprint". This makes it easier to detect any threatening objects...

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  • Biometric Devices

    Biometric systems are great for adding an extra layer of security to your perimeter. Biometric devices use unique physical attributes to verify the identity of personnel desiring access to a facility. Once a biometric print is taken (iris...

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  • Automated Badging Stations (Kiosks)

    Kiosks allow for a customized self-check-in solution. Kiosks reduce the work load on security personnel by allowing visitors and guests to complete a customized self-check-in process. These devices are and excellent way to save time in high...

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  • Scanners

    Scanners are great for keeping traffic moving along and for simplifying the entry of data. Gaurds can take the ID and place it on the scanner and in a matter of seconds the information from the face of the ID will be uploaded onto the system. High...

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  • Signature Pads

    Signature Pads allow clients to display the terms of security so the visitor can attest by providing a signature. Signatures are then uploaded into the system and attached to the individual's record for future references. Other features: ...

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